Loom is our first print publication, celebrating creativity and the work of artists supported by CIT at Waterside.


Why Loom? The word has several meanings and its choice as title reflects CIT’s work in artist development. The project supports animators, contemporary artists, theatre-makers and writers and a loom weaves different strands together to create something new. The word also means something that emerges - a key aspect of CIT’s work is support for emerging artists. Finally, the term connects with our home city and the heritage of Manchester’s textile industries during a time when the city was known as ‘Cottonopolis’.

Moving into print develops a way for artists’ work to extend beyond the life of a performance or an exhibition. It also presents an opportunity to look at and understand art, outside of the limitations of a gallery or theatre run.

Publication Design: Luca Shaw

Loom Logo: Rachel Dargavel-Leafe

With thanks - Darren Adams, Richard Evans, Rachel Dargavel-Leafe, Grace Igoe, Katie Nelson, Clinton Pilkington, Mario Popham, Luca Shaw, Rosy Whittemore, Arts Council England.